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Thursday, February 10, 2005

I am still alive.....

After a brief hiatus House of Chief will return....
Just been busy with various Errant things,

Normal service will resume...

In the words of Julian Clary - "I thank you!"

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Returned from self-imposed exile.

It is upon us again, the festive period, and as I am sure I metioned last year or maybe earlier this year in relation to seasonal heraldings. The Coca Cola "Holiday's are Coming" advert has hit our screens.

Every damn year without fail, for gods sake Coke sort it out, at least get a new theme tune. It smacks of laziness to be honest. Admittedly I do use the music to judge when Xmas really begins, but honestly I could live without it.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Oh I am spoiling you. Two posts in day.

But seriously we here at chief towers have had our first celebrity viewer.
Whilst checking the stats earlier I noted a comment had been left on a previous post.
You may remember the one about the house Partition screen and Great Chief Shakes.
Well check this out -

Anonymous said...
Hello, My name is Nicole Miller of Port Orchard, Wa. I am the Great Great Grand Daughter of Chief Shakes. I ran into your post when I was looking up information on my Great Great Grand Father. Your post is listed on the Google Search Engine. Take care, Nicole.

That's right, a direct descendant of Chief Shakes. Oh the internet is such a wonderful thing.

Can every one please say hello to Nicole

Morning (or should that be Mourning),

It would be incredibly bad form not to mention the passing of John Peel the eminent Radio DJ. I think it is a fair assumption that most of us who would consider themselves 'into' music, couldn't help but raise a tear for a man who's contribution to the development of alternative music is without parallel.
He cast somewhat of a standalone figure in the music business and whilst most of the obituaries will point to his influence in the discovery of bands like 'The Undertones' and 'New Order', his legacy is very much entrenched in the search for hidden gems as opposed to any great desire or achievement in the alteration of mainstream music.
Those of us who listened to Peel (and I admit it has been a good few years since I made any effort to tune in) did so, not out of any great desire to be part of a movement or a to champion a band into the charts, but more so, that we might discover our own personal treasure. Peel appealed to most on an intensely personal level, his choice of records so diverse that much of what you heard was, in an incredibly polarised way, either utter crap or incredibly beautiful. But that singular gem seemed to belong solely to you. His voice seemed to be speaking directly at you, and at a time when we are at our most influential, in those heady late teenage years, his musical intervention was all too welcome as a rallying call against the manufactured dross which sirenically calls all too many in.

I would be a fair to say that his passing is much more of a cultural loss to this country than that of Princess Diana could ever be, and whilst that is an incredibly dramatic and all too anti-populist a critique, it doesn't diminish the truth behind the sentiment.

It is somewhat of a shame that I also caught Dr Jonathan Miller's documentary looking at the development of Atheism/anti-theism, which has solidified and intensified my lack of belief in a god or afterlife, as I would really like to believe John Peel is somewhere entertaining and educating a whole new audience.

R.I.P John Peel - 1939-2004

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Afternoon All !

Hope all is well with you out there. Have been away from here for a while, not due to any lack of internet access, but more to do with the Clive James bio's that I have been reading back to back. These have pretty much stopped my from acknowledging the outside world on my way to work and for most of the rest of the day too.
He is a damn good writer and I advise you all to nip out post haste and procure yourself copies of his memoires. Sadly I imagine Clives James will only really get the recognition he deserves as a writer, Comedian and general satirist when he is is the way of the world.
For those of us who grew up with his various TV Programmes, a somewhat slanted view of his capacities will have been created. However, once you delve a little deeper into his back catalogue, a treasure trove of fiction, bio and critique are there for you to behold.

I should be a publicist.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Another Dog related story for monday..They are just biding their time. One day the earth will be ruled by canines

Cameras show who let the dogs out

A dog has been caught on camera breaking out of his kennel at Battersea Dogs Home and freeing other animals for regular midnight feasts.
Red has been unlocking his kennel using his nose and teeth before releasing his favourite canine companions.

Staff at the south London animal shelter decided to install cameras after arriving each day to find food everywhere and dogs running amok.

The lurcher's kennel has now been made more secure to stop him escaping.

'Emaciated state'

Liz Emeny, from the home, told BBC News Online the most dogs Red had ever released in one night were nine.

"For the last two weeks staff have been arriving every morning to a complete mess with dogs and food everywhere," she said.

"He [Red] only ever chooses his mates to let out, with Lucky the dog, who he was found with, being the first to be freed.

"We don't have CCTV cameras in the corridor so couldn't work out how he was doing it so we asked a film company to set up some cameras."

The three-year-old lurcher has been at the home since June after being handed into a London police station in an emaciated state.

"Lurchers aren't usually known for their intelligence but Red is such an inquisitive dog and would be so easy to train," Ms Emeny added.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Serial commenter and friend X-bred hoss has sent in a photo of his mothers newly procured Hound - its name is Bracken and it is too superb not to post.
So everyone say hello:

In other canine related news: this just in from Yahoo's news section

Hound shoots hunter

ZAGREB (Reuters) - A veteran Croatian hunter was shot by his own hound while preparing to go off into the woods, a newspaper has reported.
Spaso Ivosevic, a hunter in central Croatia since 1957, cleaned and loaded his double-barrelled shotgun as usual on Wednesday, the Jutarnji List daily said in its Friday edition.
Ivosevic briefly leaned the gun against a wall near his house when his 2-year-old dog Lero, chasing chickens through the yard, stormed past and tripped over the shotgun.
It hit the ground and fired, showering Ivosevic with pellets.
The hunter was treated for a fractured leg bone, while the fate of Lero was not known.

Probably the most appropriate name ever...

Thursday, September 30, 2004

I am sooooo incredibly tired today ! I have recently purchased a Cricket computer game and spent a few hours last night perfecting my cover drive and square cut.
I know, I know, I should have grown out of computer games at my age, but realistically it is not going to happen.
I am paying for it today though, only having had 5 hours sleep....
My wedding plans are progressing in earnest and today I booked the church.... I haven't mentioned this before have I....ha ha ha
Yes I am getting married next June to Ms House of Chief after a rather protracted seven year engagement.

I am sure over the coming months this will serve to be a rich vein of comedy and mirth, with squabbling families, imminent bankruptcy and bespoke tailoring as the main themes. But at present I am not sure I can bring myself to explain the story thus far, perhaps another day !